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Society Management & Maintenance App

RealtyX is the brand-new app for Real Estate Developers in Mumbai, India. But RealtyX has more to its story that can meet your eyes. A complete digital ecosystem within itself, the app opens up an avenue to varied kinds of real estate businesses to plop up on the platform and experience monumental growth of it. The app is a revolutionary platform that puts your realty business at the centre stage of action.

RealtyX has a unique Real Estate Lead Referral Program that lowers a developers cost of acquisition of a customer. How? Well, this is where we have innovated. It is the ideal app for Real Estate Builders. That turns your current set of customers into your brand ambassadors, wherein their word of mouth will get you your potential leads, while they earn a certain amount of points on their referrals. Thus, the process lets your current set of customers benefit themselves from their referrals while you easily get quality leads sans the amount of time, effort and money that you splurge on sub-optimal lead generating systems.

Now you may question why a customer will download the app? Reiterating again, the app is a platform that connects customers and residents of a colony, helping them communicate crucial issues in real-time and quickly. RealtyX is a Housing Society Management System App, an exhaustive resource that allows residents of a building to communicate issues faced by them directly to the society’s management, rather than making several petitions and submitting multiple documents, only to be lost somewhere.

But you still have a doubt. What? Why will they engage with you? Why will they share their details? Why will your customers connect with you? Okay, we’ll know about it one by one.

Firstly, the apps referral program connects your existing customers with potential home seekers. The monetary reward that a customer receives of the referral of a flat/property in his friend circle is an incentive in itself for them to download the app and use it. But, there’s an innovative twist here. The customer can redeem his earned points via our partner apps, namely Amazon, Jabong and Croma, to name a few. Thus, he/she doesn’t require for the builder to pay him the reward.

Secondly, we’ve made it an exclusive feature where the customer on the platform (app) can choose whether to make his profile public or keep it personal. Moreover, the app stores all the information received in a mega cloud storage that is encrypted and secure. Thus, one would be ensured about his information being safe.

And finally, the Society Maintenance app permits its usage anywhere, anytime. Hence, connecting with your neighbours and members of the society or even the developer himself becomes easy.

Do you imagine your old school society chores going digital? That’s where RealtyX steps in as the ultimate Society Management & Maintenance App. It contains an all-inclusive online directory that contains the names and complete (Aadhar-proofed) details of the residents living in a building. This handy pool of data can help one shoot quick messages to residents in times of emergencies via push notifications. Or the society management panel can update the occupants about the next AGM by uploading the circular on the app that can be easily accessed by all.

RealtyX is a profitable Apartment Management & Maintenance App. Why? Its issue management system swiftly redresses customer concerns right away, on a digital platform, avoiding pendency and keeping residents happy.

With so many power packed features in its kitty, RealtyX is the best Real Estate Apps for Realtors. Invest into the app that is the platform that connects you with the future of real estate.

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